A Pun on the Universe.


Looking at the universe Naked- An Ontological Awakening.

It was Stephen Hawking who said:

We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That’s what makes us special.

The pictures showcase the universe in its cosmic brilliance. Spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum, these images have been false- colored to help us perceive the universe that lies beyond our visual cognizance.

Courtesy: Chromoscope.

This is NOT Abstract Art!

This is what you get when you pass the visible sun’s light through a prism-like device. ( called as Spectral Absorption Lines ). We all know what would happen right? Newton is accorded for this discovery. It ‘disassembles’ into its constituent colors (VIBGYOR). 

This statement is not entirely true per se because as you can deduce from the picture, some of the colors are missing! 


But why?

The dark patches in the above spectrum arise from gas at or above the Sun’s surface absorbing sunlight emitted below. Since different types of gas absorb different colors of light, it is possible to determine what gasses compose the Sun.

Albeit that is true, It is still not known why the Sun’s light is missing some colors! The majority of the spectral absorption lines have been identified but not all.

The New Horizon spacecraft is at Pluto!

New Horizons is an Interplanetary space probe launched by NASA on January 19, 2006. The primary goal of this space mission is to study the Kuiper belt and gather deeper insights about Pluto and it’s moons. 


After travelling for 3463 days and 3 Billion miles, it is finally in at Pluto.It is the First ever spacecraft to visit Pluto and for the first time, we would be able to see the remarkable High-Resolution photographs Pluto by Wednesday afternoon. 

Why Wednesday? It is because the probe is busy collecting data and not transmitting any of it and since it take around 4.5 hours for the data to reach the earth from the probe, the wait for the images is inevitable.

Here is a photo of Pluto taken by the New Horizon on July 12 as it approaches Pluto.


Setting the debate: How big is Pluto?

Although the seminal data from the data is yet to be received, scientists have already started to crunch on the available data.

The size of the previously known dwarf planet was always debated upon and now the New Horizon has sealed it. The mission scientists have found out that Pluto is 1,473 miles (2,370 kilometers) in diameter. 

This was determined from the images obtained from LORRI ( Long Range Reconnaissance Imager).

Pluto is Red!

In addition to determining the size of Pluto Images taken by the New Horizon also reveal that Pluto is Red is color. ( Is that a heart ? )


Things would get really captivating once the core data starts pouring in. But till then hang on to your seats as one of the most remarkable events in the history of space exploration is about to transpire.


The Bernoulli Family.

Bernoulli’s principle, Bernoulli’s number, Bernoulli’s polynomial, Bernoulli’s differential equation and the list goes on.

If you were like me and thought that Bernoulli was the name of a single guy, you are soo wrong. They were a family !

Over the course of three generations, the Bernoullis produced eight mathematically gifted academics who, between them, contributed to the foundations of applied mathematics and physics. 

Some of the most popular ones of the family are:

1. Daniel Bernoulli ( Inventor of the Bernoulli’s equation )


2. Jacob Bernoulli. ( The Bernoulli Numbers )


3. Johann Bernoulli. ( One of the early adopters of Infinitesimal Calculus).


And the rest contributed extensively to the fields of math and physics.

If you are want to know more about the history of the Bernoulli Family click here.